You can now pay your Diocesan Membership Fees online right here.

Affiliate membership and fees

2020 Region 2: $ 100.00

Deadline: November 30, 2020

Each Archdiocesan and Diocesan Cursillo Movement affiliated in the various language groups should forward it to the Region 2 Cursillo Secretariat to stay current. Please note that the Region 2 membership fee has not been raised for several years. It is still $ 200.00 for 2020. If you have questions or concerns about your Region 2 membership, please contact the Region 2 Coordinator for your language found on the Contact Us page.

NOTE: Region 2 fees are different from national fees, which are billed and collected separately by the National Cursillo Center. If you have questions or concerns about your National Cursillo Center fees, please contact directly at

Pay online

    To pay by check, by mail

    Make your check payable to: Cursillos de Cristiandad – Region 2

    Be sure to specify the name of your Archdiocese and Language Group on the note line of the check so that you receive proper credit.

    Complete the following form and send it with your check in an envelope to:

    Carmen Oliva

    3308 Floral Street,

    Silver Spring, MD 20902

    To get the registration form, print the screen and cut the form on the dotted lines. ————————————————– ————————————————– ————————————————– ————————————————– ——————————————–

    Cursillo Region 2 membership fee of $ 200.00

    Attached is the 2020 Region 2 membership fee for the Archdiocese of


    Name of person sending payment:


    Speak to:


    Speak to: _______________________________________________________________________________ 

    Email address:


    Language group: English Spanish Portuguese Vietnamese Korean (circle one)

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